Shopper's Paradise
Have it Your Way

At Shopper's Paradise, every shirt is hand cut with precision by our master tailors, which is then carefully patterned and tailored based on your specific measurements.

The advantage of having a shirt tailor-made lies in the uniqueness of the sizing and measurements, crafted solely for you. We provide this along with the added features of customisation such as collars and cuffs styles, and other details so that your shirt's look and feel can be enhanced... taking it miles ahead to give it that WOW impression!!

You shouldn't have to settle with off the rack clothing when you can have it made to fit, your way, the way you want it.

Style it Yourself

With a range of customisable features, taking into account all your personal preferences, dressing smart has never been so effortless and fun! Design the perfect shirt.

Need an angled collar cut to account for more neck room, or a fashionable widespread Italian cut? How about a trendy mitred edge cuff? Go for a slim fitted look with a darted tapered cut, or opt for more of a comfort fit.

You may also want to add a monogram with your initials for a classic and distinguished look.

At Shoppers Paradise we cater to you, the individual.


With all our fabrics having come from prestigious mills from around the world, we are able to offer not only the best in quality, but also an extremely wide array in choice.

From basic cottons to high end 2-ply Sea Island... or blended cotton polyster and easy to iron, we offer it all.


We are happy to prepare an assorted variety of samples, which we can send to you at no cost. Along with that we will also send you an easy to fill measurement form with styling options. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and take the measurements of your favourite or best fitting shirt.

Write to us. We'd love to hear from you. To get in touch with us please use the links provided in the Contact Us section... and dress smart this season!!

Whether you're lounging around, heading a corporate event, or looking sharp at the altar, a well-fitted shirt brings out the best in you.
Look your best and feel your best!